Other Industries

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PAND serves a wide variety of vehicle and equipment dealers throughout Alberta.

PAND works with a wide variety of businesses operating in the real estate and investment industry.

PAND serves many industrial and oilfield service companies operating throughout Alberta.

PAND works with various companies operating in the building supplies and services industry.

Our key services

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Reliable and timely financial statements are key to your business.  Our Audit & Assurance team works closely with you and your team to ensure this objective is met to the highest quality standard.

We are advisors to private companies. We pride ourselves in the close relationship and level of understanding we establish with each of our clients.

Today's rapidly changing tax environment makes it crucial to have knowledgeable outside tax specialists working for you.

Our experienced Valuation and Transactions team is ready to provide specialized assistance as you navigate through transactions, reorganizations, refinancing and dispute matters.