The Tax Time Rhyme


It’s April 17, and we are half way done,

we need all the paper; father, daughter, mother and son.

A shoe box of receipts or an envelope of paper,

we will sort through it all and a tax return will maker.

The printers are running, with not a minute to spare,

staff, hours on hours, have tax returns to prepare.

The deadline, April 30th, is creeping in near,

your taxes, we’ll prepare, year after year.

Clients pick up their returns and leave with a smile,

there’s refunds to collect once you have filed.

With the receptionist you’ll drop off your information,

alleviate your stress because we’ll do the calculation!

Come in anytime… an appointment is not required,

but make it a hurry, before the deadline has expired.

– Written by our very own Terra Shmyr & Joshua Benko