Broncos Hockey Team

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Our firm’s hockey team has players from all positions in the firm from new hires, to senior accountants and right up to partners in the firm. It is a great way for everybody to all get together outside of work and have a great time.  The Broncos are the reigning 2013-2014 division champions!   This year we have moved up a division and look forward to trying to win another championship.  We may not look the fanciest out on the ice, but the team is made up of a lot of hard work and competitive spirit. The season is a busy 30 game regular season and creates a very team oriented culture at PAND.  The Broncos unite the staff in a way that otherwise would not exist as we all have a common team to cheer for and take pride in.  Hopefully one day soon the Broncos will expand into a summer sport during the off season as well.